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In this episode Marcus Mire, CPA discusses why business owners should focus on streamlining their back office tasks and paints a picture of what accounting automation could look like.

Show Notes and Key Take Aways

– Marcus identifies three key characteristics of a streamlined back office. 

– 1. Accounting data is centralized and it’s in once place. 

-2. Having access to accurate data in real time. 

– 3. Using that data to inform future decisions. 

– You want to get to a place where the software is doing the heavy lifting on tasks and you are using to become informed. 

– Through the growth of APIs and Xero’s 3rd party sofware solutions you can automate and eliminate a lot of manual tasks and create smarter accounting workflows. 

– Having your accounting software automatically send reports creates an easy way to stay in front of real time accounting information. 

– Using Cloud accounting has allowed MireGroup to go beyond “traditional” accounting services and provide solutions to make everyday business workflows more streamlined. 

– It starts by taking a look at the current procedures and matching them with good software replacements. 


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