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Staying on top of your finances but still want more time and profits?

In the CFO phase you are using financial data to make decisions that help you grow. Systems are making accounting easy and accessible. However, we’ve outlined some next steps to help you become more proactive vs reactive, looking ahead to maximize margins in both business and life.

Learn the right next steps…

To go from accounting overwhelm to total control over your business finances.

Next Steps from CFO to the CEO Phase!


Forecast your future based on historical data, maximize tax incentives, profit centers and savings.

Once you’re properly recording your financial data, and reading it, it’s time to start reaping the benefits. Now, you can be proactive vs reactive. Both luck and profits, favor the prepared. With a clear outlook on your financials you’ll be able to minimize your tax burden, plan growth around profit centers, and start running your business instead the other way around.


1. Forecast

Good tax planning starts with a bird’s eye view. I recommend looking at the entire calendar year and making note of expected major expenses and projections of profitability. Share this with a tax advisor to identify opportunities.


2. Focus

Decide why you started your business and use your own financial savvy to get you there. Whether it’s lowering debt and building equity or staging your business to sell. 


3. Find Freedom

At this stage time and money are levers you can control. Find your own balance by investing in what returns you’d like to see. 

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Marcus Mire, CPA | Founder of MireGroup CPAs

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Go from accounting overwhelm to total control over your business finances.

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