You are in the Bookkeeper Phase!

Only thinking about year end taxes?

Chances are you scramble for year end tax prep, and wait on your CPA to tell you how you did the previous year. Good news is compliance and accounting doesn’t have to just be a cost of doing business. Below are some steps you can take to find more time and money in your business!

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To go from accounting overwhelm to total control over your business finances.

Next Steps from Bookkeeper to the CFO Phase!


Identify your KPIs, review them regularly, create systems to stay tax ready and compliant.

Now, if you are in the bookkeeping phase, and you are tracking your expenses and want to see your business go to the next level, you need to learn to read. Reading your financial data will move you from being a bookkeeper to a CFO, someone who looks at key metrics and makes decisions based on them. Here you’ll need to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and integrate them in your business. Meaning, make them a part of your management or staff meetings. Here you’ll be reading reports generated with solid recorded data.


1. Integrate Reports

What you measure is what you master. Create and read daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial reports. For example you may want to look at sales daily or weekly, and certain categories of expenses monthly or quarterly. Apps like Xero and others allow you to automate these reports delivered to your inbox.


2. Inform Staff

Performance indicators lose their power when they aren’t shared regularly with the right people. Having them on the agenda of your routine meetings offers consistent accountability that moves companies to positive growth.  


3. Improve Your Business

Regularly looking at your financials gives you the ability to make confident and clear decisions.

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Go from accounting overwhelm to total control over your business finances.

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